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Vacuum Auto Loader

JD series Auto loader offer a wide choice of loader-blower sets and are designed for higher through puts from 250kg-1200kg. The unit are supplied with a separate 3-phase floor standing blower station which is low noise & maintenance free. JD units are also available with two material lines with a common blower & can cater two machine simultaneously.

Imported high speed commutator motor, small cubage and strong suction. Connection between operation controller and electric control box free and convenient  operation. The micro computer controls and the accurate action.  Out hanged air storage device to thoroughly clean the dust on the strainer.


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– The Auto Loader’s main engine and the material hopper are designed separately and thus it is safe, easy and convenient to be operated.

– The whole operation in Auto Loader is controlled by Microchip computer.

– Equipped with an independent filter, Our Auto Loader is very convenient to clean up dust.

– The equipped muffler reduces the noise in operation unlike any other Normal Auto Loader

– Stainless steel material Auto Loader is light in weight, durable and very convenient for cleaning the device.

– The control box being designed separately is easy to maintained.

– Auto-buzzer will give alarm in-case of Leaking material or shortage.

– Auto-protective device protects motor against overloading.

– The bunker with electronic eye can be installed on the charging inlet of molding machine directly.

– Can select two-material proportional valve, used for new material mixed Grinned material using or instant receiving of Grinned material.

– Induction type motor of Auto Loader has strong suction force & long service life.

– Independent filter, convenient for cleaning accumulated dust.

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