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Granulators / Grinders

The granulators of JD-Series are suitable for crushing various defectives, wastes and offcuts made of soft or hard plastics in block, ball or bar shapes and material such as PVC, PC, HIPS, Nylon, ABS, HDPE, PET etc. It play an important role in increasing the availability of plastics. We Supply Granulators manufactured in India as well as Chinese make to various parts of India including Delhi, Pune, Manesar, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Chennai, Gujarat, Jaipur etc.

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Features: Granulators

• The knife tool in our granulator/grinder refines with imported special tool-steel, the clearance between knife tools are adjustable, when it becomes blunt by using, it can be dismounted repeatedly, and it is quite durable.

• We have Used high-intensity steel screws in Granulators/Grinders to fasten the knife leaf and knife seat, having strong bearing capacity.

• All walls of crushing chamber are treated by sound-proof so having extra-low noise.

• A discount-type designed, the bunker, main body, screen can be dismounted for cleaning easily, making our Granulators/Grinder perfect for any industry.

• The electric motor has over-loading protection with power source interlock protection device.Double-safety protection for operators and electric motor.

• Step-type motion knife design with strong breaking capacity.

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